What can my child take in Verona Summer Music?
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What time do classes meet?
Lessons begin at 8:00am & end at 11:00am, with each class 30 minutes long. Specific times are scheduled once we receive the registration forms; times based on what works best for majority. The afternoon is from 11:30am - 2:30pm for those participating in Mary Poppins.

How long is the lesson?
All classes are 30 minutes in length. Lessons are done in a group setting.

How many days a week?
We meet every weekday, and of course, nothing on the weekends. 

What time does the show meet?
Rehearsals for the show are from 11:30am - 2:30pm. Mr. Michalowski will give all a detailed schedule. There will be a couple of days when only lead/named roles will be needed.

Do we have to sign up for an instrument if we just want to participate in the show?
No. While we like as many to take an instrument as possible, just registering for the show is absolutely acceptable.

Can we sign up only for Mrs. J’s Art Class?
Yes - please see the Art Class Page

What is the typical schedule?
There are a variety of scenarios based upon other things in which your child wants to participate. One typical student takes her lesson at 8:00am and is done because she is going to other things. A second typical student will take a lesson on piano, then a band instrument, sing in chorus, and go to theory. A third student takes a bass guitar lesson, goes to swim team, and returns for the afternoon show rehearsal.

Can my child be there all day?
We are not a day camp. Even if you sign up for three instruments, it is unlikely that you would fill every 30 minute slot in the morning. That being said, it is possible to be there all day. By registering for a couple instruments and doing band, choir, & Listening Room, as well as registering to be in the show, we do have students who are there all day. We understand households in which both parents work outside the home need places for their children. However, we cannot accommodate a student dropped off at 8:00 for one lesson, and hanging out for the rest of the day. We just don't have the staffing capabilities for that type of situation.

Can we do swim team, VSEA, or other programs as well?
Yes, we do our best to resolve scheduling conflicts based on what works for the majority. We are quite successful at this; not that it always works for every student, but we get close. Let us know on the registration form your exact time issues.

What does the tuition cover?
Tuition is for the instrumental lessons and/or the show. Optional classes such as band, theory, and choir are free and available if they fit into your schedule. These extras are "nice if you can get it", but are not absolutely necessary.

What if we don't get every class we want?
We do our best to get everyone everything they would like. However, there are times when it just won't work. Remember that the most important part of this is the lesson class. Theory, band, choir, etc. are extras. If you can get them into your schedule, great. If not, it's okay.

What does my child do if there is down time between classes?
We have adults as well as high school students that monitor the hallways. Students bring cards, games, or books to use while waiting. It’s not unusual to find Mr. Morden roaming the hallways singing songs or playing games with the kids...

What is the best instrument for my child?
Choose the one in which your child has an interest. While there are some physical considerations, no one can tell you the best instrument. Just because a student "has small lips" doesn't mean he or she can't play the tuba. Half the battle is having the desire to succeed. If your child has no definitive choice, lean them towards trombone or baritone. We always need more of those instruments and they are some of the easiest on which to get started.

In general for beginners:
Flutes can be a little tough at first, but they catch on
Clarinets may be difficult for a student with small fingers
Saxophones are heavy and tend to be loud
Trumpets can be natural for some yet quite challenging for others
Trombones will be a little work for someone with short arm reach, but they are not heavy
Baritones come in a heavy case but are not too heavy once you are holding it
Percussion is more demanding than appears; lack of playing a melody can become boring

99% of students can make a sound on trombone and baritone
Any instrument can prove challenging or relatively easy, depending on the student

Does Verona Summer Music provide instruments?
We do not provide band instruments, guitars, or bass guitars, but will be happy to assist you in rental or purchase places. We do provide keyboards for the piano classes.

What are the beginner band instruments?
Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone, Percussion. 

For anyone interested in baritone, please call Music and Arts and ask for the special rental fee. It should be the same cost as an alto saxophone.

Where can we rent an instrument?
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Is it better to purchase or rent?
Purchasing is less expensive in the long run, but if you’re unsure of your child’s commitment to the instrument, it is better to rent first. The initial rental period fee is very reasonable. If after that initial period you think there is long term probability, then it may be time to purchase.

Is it okay to borrow an instrument from someone?
Of course, but please take it to a reputable repair shop to have it serviced before summer music begins. It will save you and your child some major angst.

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Where is Verona Summer Music held?
Verona High School

Should my child take piano?
Piano is a great foundation for all instruments and music in general. While it isn’t necessary, it is highly encouraged.

What is bass guitar?
Bass guitar is a four string cousin of the guitar. It plays the lowest notes and is one of the most important instruments of all. It can be played in concert band, jazz band, marching band, and is sometimes used to accompany the concert choir and vocal jazz ensemble.

Can my child take more than one band instrument lesson?
If your child is a beginner, they should not sign up for more than one band instrument. They can certainly take a band instrument along with piano, guitar, or bass guitar, but should concentrate on only one band instrument in their first year. Those that have at least one year experience on a band instrument, can continue that as well as add something new.

Are there other costs involved?
If your child is in Mary Poppins, it may be necessary to purchase or rent costumes or small prop. In addition, there will be tickets sold for the performances. All beginner students will purchase a lesson book during the first week of class.

We will miss a few days of VSM. Is this okay?
Yes. When you return, we will go over any of the missed material and catch you up.

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