Verona Summer Music does not provide instruments except for piano classes.

We recommend Music and Arts for  your instrument rental. They have provided us with quality instruments for many years. They have an online rental process that ensures you are doing it correctly.

If you like to comparison shop, we would suggest The Music Shop in Boonton. You may also wish to find your own vendor which is absolutely fine with us.

All rental instruments through Music and Arts will be delivered to VSM for the first day of class - if you rent in a timely fashion. Don’t expect to call them the day before we begin and the instrument to be there the first day. We don’t recommend going to the store unless you must. We have found many students in their eagerness will put the instrument together incorrectly and cause an issue that needs repaired. You are of course welcome to go and rent in person, but it isn’t necessary.

Should you choose to purchase an instrument, please purchase a quality brand. The allure of a $200 instrument purchase is understandable, but those instruments are very poor quality. They will not play as easily as a higher quality instrument, giving your child a disadvantage, and will have more repair issues than it’s worth. Some name brands you can look for are: Yamaha, Jupiter, Selmer, Conn, Holton.

If you are borrowing an instrument from someone, please take it to a reputable repair shop to have it serviced. It will save you and your child some major angst when they can’t play because there is something not working properly. Even if “Uncle Egbert” can get a sound on it, doesn’t mean it is working properly. Every instrument needs to be serviced at some point.


Please do not order books when renting your instrument. We will have books for sale at Summer Music.

Dillon Music in Woodbridge
The Music Shop in Boonton

GUITAR PLAYERS - No shop rents guitars. You need to borrow or purchase. Acoustic guitars don’t need an amplifier to be heard. Electric guitars can be played without an amp, but your child won’t be able to hear it well. 

It is my suggestion to begin on an acoustic guitar and switch to electric later.
If your child does choose an electric, they don’t need to bring the amp with them to VSM, just their cable to plug into our system.

Here are some links to beginner level guitars we recommend. Yamaha makes very fine instruments for all levels.
If you choose the electric guitar, you will also need an amplifier and a guitar cable. 

Jasmine Acoustic

Yamaha Acoustic

Yamaha Acoustic

Yamaha Acoustic Bundle

Ibanez Acoustic

Mini Stratocaster Electric

Telecaster (for older students)

Les Paul (for older students)

Very Small Guitar Amp for Electric